The Bandies of Fortune

The Bandies of Fortune by Geoffrey G. Hiller
Perceptions of Real Tennis from Medieval to Modern Times
Standard Hardback Edition

Real tennis has undergone an astonishingly varied reputation through the ages - from the serious to the frivolous, the virtuous to the immoral, the healthy to the unhealthy, the heroic to the effeminate. The Bandies of Fortune is a scholarly appraisal of the social status of tennis through the ages as seen through the writings of poets, dramatists and imaginative prose writers. Through literary works we can glean evidence of how the game was perceived and of contemporary attitudes to it.

This book examines how writers of different periods have enriched and enlivened their work through tennis imagery, metaphor, and analogy. Additionally, an Index to Allusions to Tennis in English Literature lists every literary reference to real tennis known by the author from the fourteenth century to the present - by far the most comprehensive catalogue of its kind to date.