The History of the Jeu de Paume Club in Paris 1840 - 2020

Standard Hardback Edition

Within the ten chapters of this book you will discover the emblematic history of this club whose development has been influenced by British & American players and whose origins date back to 1840. Established in 1908 in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, it welcomes members and guests passionate for the games of real tennis and squash in one of the most prestigious and oldest sports clubs in Paris.

Following the chronological history of the club, you will also uncover anecdotes about its members, tournaments and professionals as well as numerous testimonies and significant events that have marked the life of the club for over 100 years presented on 80 pages with 100+ illustrations and photos.

Based on the French version released in May, the English version was translated by William Holmberg & Kenneth Casler and published in July.